Lab News

Mike featured in an interview with Mendel's Pod on transcriptome analysis, link.

Mike featured in an interview with the Scientist about "Expanding ENCODE", link.

Mike featured on an episode of "People Behind the Science", podcast (No.13), link.

Mike featured on a SCIENCE cartoon (786 23 MAY 2014 • VOL 344 ISSUE 6186).

Mike featured in Participatory medicine podcast on on Genomic Medicine, link, link2.

Mike teamed received a 40M grant for "Center for Excellence in Stem Cell Genomics", news.

Mike commented on a Molecular Cell paper about mutation-driven mutations, link.

Mike presented at the Cafe Scientifique Event in Menlo Park, link, youtube.

Mike featured in an AAAS story on personalized medicine. The title "Personalized medicine: AAAS members paving the way for gene-tailored medical care", by Carrie Madren, link.

Mike on AAAS

Dr. Rajini Haraksingh entered the "Dance your Ph.D." contest. Her dance, featuring a few lab members, explains how and why study genomic variation, such as human CNV, link.

Congraulations, Dr. Jennifer Hardee! Defense date: September 28th, 2012.

Mike features in the September, 2012 issue of Diabetes Forecast, link.

Congraulations, Dr. Rajini Haraksingh! Defense date: March 9th, 2012.

Congratulations to Damek on passing his qualifying exam! (November 9, 2011).

Farewell, Christina, we'll miss you! The parting photo (November 1, 2011).

Farewell, Jiaqian, best wishes to your new job (August 15, 2011).

Congratulations to Konrad on passing his qualifying exam (August 15, 2011)!

Mike talked about his ideas about "Sequencing Human Genomes to Better Understand Disease" with In Sequence on genomeweb.

Mike featured in a Nature technology article "Systems biology: Untangling the protein web"

Congratulations, Dr. Joe Fasolo! Defense date: Jun 4th, 2010.

Congratulations to Mark on passing his Ph.D. candidacy exam (Februrary 10th, 2010).

Welcome new baby girl Irene to Zhihai (February 4th, 2010).

Welcome new baby girl Emily to Wei (January 29th, 2010).

Mike received Pioneer Award at the 1st International Forum of Proteomics (9/26/09), details.

Official anouncement: Mike is moving his lab to Stanford! March, 2009, more.

Congratulations, Dr. Tara Gianoulis! Defense date: January 12th, 2009.

Congratulations, Dr. Xiaowei Zhu! Defense date: September 16th, 2008.

Mike featured in a career interview of Biotechniques.



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