Snyder Lab Members

Here are the denizens of the lab.

Admistrative assistants

Graduate students

Postdoctoral fellows and associates

Research assistants and associates

Research scientists

Visiting scientists

Former Lab members

        Since August 2008. Here for a complete list.


Cathleen Brdlik

Currently at Genentech

cbrdlik at stanford dot edu







Vincent Bruno

Currently assistant professor at University of Maryland School of Medicine





Laura Camarena

Visiting scholar, professor

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México





Subhra Chakraborty

Visiting scientist / Associate research scientist

subhrac at hotmail dot com




Alexandra Charos

alexandra dot charos at yale dot edu


Yale KBT 914




Michael James Clark

Currently working in industry.






Justin Cotney

Postdoctoral associate

justin dot cotney at yale dot edu





Mack Crayton

Visiting scholar

mcrayton at xula dot edu


Yale KBT 736



Joseph Fasolo

Currently in industry






Jen Gallagher

Currently assistant rofessor at West Virginia University






Tara Gianoulis

currently postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University





Lukas Habegger

lukas dot habegger at yale dot edu


Yale BASS 437




Rajini Haraksingh

rajini at stanford dot edu

currently postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University





Christopher Heffelfinger

christopher dot heffelfinger at yale dot edu


Yale KBT 914




Miyoung Hong

Postdoctoral associate





Hugo Lam

Postdoctoral Scholar (Bioinformatics)

hugolam at stanford dot edu


1501 California Ave Rm 2411-2C411D



Steve Landt

Currently working in industry.






Shisong Ma

Currently postdoc at UC Davis




Yuxin Mao

Visisting scientist

yuxinmao at yahoo dot com


Yale KBT 914



Sadie L. Marjani

Postdoctoral associate

sadie dot Marjani at yale dot edu


Yale KBT 912



Janine Mok

currently Postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University





Hannah Monahan

Research Associate

hannah dot monahan at yale dot edu


Yale KBT 716



Xinmeng (Jasmine) Mu

xinmeng dot mu at yale dot edu


Yale KBT 716




Ugrappa Nagalakshmi (Nagu)

currently at UC Davis



Anjali Nath

currently Postdoc at MGH/Harvard




Li Ni

Associate Research Scientist

li dot ni at yale dot edu


Yale KBT 912



Wei Niu

Postdoctoral Associate

wei dot niu at yale dot edu


Yale KBT 912



Zhengqing Ouyang

Current assistant professor at Jackson Lab for Genomic Medicine






Christina Pack

cpack at stanford dot edu

Alway M344




Stacy Piccirillo

Research Assistant

stacy dot piccirillo at yale dot edu


Yale KBT 912



Sorina Popescu

currently Assistant Professor at Cornell

scp78 at cornell dot edu




Irina Pozdnyakova

currently at Karolinska Institute in Sweden



Debasish Raha

currently at Genentech






Brian Reed

brian dot reed at yale dot edu


Yale TAC-S320




Dominique Scherer

currently in Germany






Wendy Soon

currently head of Sequencing Facility at the Genome Institute of Singapore.



Chong Shou

chong dot shou at yale dot edu


Yale BASS 437




Elias Theodorou

Postdoctoral associate






Larisa Umansky

research assistant (retired)





Alexander Urban

Currently assistant professor at Stanford University



Karl Waern

Currently in Sweden.






Zhong Wang

Currently Staff Scientist

DOE Joint Genome Institute

zhongwang at lbl dot gov



Kevin Wise

Empire Genomics, Buffalo NY



Jiaqian Wu

Currently assistant professor at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston






Youhan Xu

Research Associate

youhanxu2001 at yahoo dot com


Yale KBT 910



Wei Zheng

currently staff at Yale medical school

w dot zheng at yale dot edu



Mei Zhong

Associate Research Scientist

mei dot zhong at yale dot edu


Yale KBT 950



Xiuqiong (Xiu) Zhou

Research Assistant

xiuqiong dot zhou at yale dot edu


Yale KBT 914



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