Snyder Lab Members

Here are the denizens of the lab.

Admistrative assistants

Graduate students

Postdoctoral fellows and associates

Research assistants and associates

Research scientists

Visiting scientists

Former Lab members


        Since August 2008. Here for a complete list.


Marcus Alexander

Former Postdoctoral Fellow






Carlos L. Araya

Former Postdoctoral Scholar, currently in a Start-up








Akwasi Asabere

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D.), currently in the industry






Raymond Auerbach

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D., at Yale)








Neal K Bharadwaj

Former Research Assistant

nealkb at gmail dot com




Alan Boyle

Former Postdoctoral Associate, currently Assistant Professor at University of Michigan Department of Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics





Cathleen Brdlik

Former Research Associate, currently at Genentech






Michael Bruno

Former Research Associate, currently at Start-up.








Vincent Bruno

Former Postdoctoral Assoicate (Yale), currently Assistant Professor at University of Maryland School of Medicine





Laura Camarena

Former Visiting scholar, professor

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México





Lulu Cao

Former Postdoctoral Scholar, currently at Verily






Subhra Chakraborty

Former Visiting scientist / Associate research scientist

subhrac at hotmail dot com




Alexandra Charos

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D. at Yale)






Rui Chen

Former Postdoctoral Associate, currently at Roche






Yong Cheng

Former Postdoctoral Fellow, currently Assistant Member at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital







Sarah Chirico


Former Executive Assistant






Suzie Cisneros


Former Executive Assistant to Mike Snyder, currently at NASA, Ames





Michael James Clark

Former Postdoctoral Scholar, currently working in industry.






Justin Cotney

Former Postdoctoral Associate (Yale)






Mack Crayton

former Visiting Scholar from Xavier University of Louisiana

mcrayton at xula dot edu





Ghia Euskirchen

Former Director of the DNA Sequencing Program, Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine, currently in DC area






Joseph Fasolo

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D.) and Postdoctroal Scholar, Currently in industry






Jen Gallagher

Former Postdoctoral Scholar, Currently assistant rofessor at West Virginia University






Tara Gianoulis (passed away)

Former shared Graduate Student (Ph.D., Yale), currently Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University





Lukas Habegger

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D. Yale)






Rajini Haraksingh

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D.), currently Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University





Jennifer Hardee

Former graduate student (Ph.D.), currently Scientist at CardioDx






Manoj Hariharan

former Postdoctoral Fellow






Christopher Heffelfinger

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D., Yale)






Nastaran Heidari

Former Research Associate, currently at Invitae






Miyoung Hong

Former Postdoctoral Associate (Yale)





Hogune Im

Former Postdoctoral Associate

currently in the Industry





Mark Kaganovich

Former Graduate Student





Konrad Karczewski

Former Graduate Student, currently Postdoc at Harvard Medicial School





Trupti Kawli

Former Research Associate, currently in Industry






Kim Kukurba

Former Graduate Student





Hugo Lam

Former Postdoctoral Scholar (Bioinformatics), currently working in industry






Steve Landt

Former Research Scientist, currently working in industry






Philippe Lefrançois

Former Graduate Student (at Yale)






Shisong Ma

Former Postdoctoral Associate (Yale), currently postdoc at UC Davis




Yuxin Mao

Former Visisting scientist (Yale)






Sadie L. Marjani

Former Postdoctoral Associate (Yale)






Collin Melton, PhD

Former Postdoctoral Fellow, currently at Grail






George Mias

Former Postdoctoral Scholar, currently Assistant Professor at Michigan State University






Janine Mok

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D., Yale), currently Postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University





Hannah Monahan

Former Research Associate (Yale)






Xinmeng (Jasmine) Mu

Former shared Graduent Student (Ph.D., Yale)






Ugrappa Nagalakshmi (Nagu)

Former Postdoctoral Associate (Yale), currently at UC Davis



Anjali Nath

Former Postdoctoral Associate (Yale), currently Postdoc at MGH/Harvard




Li Ni

Former Associate Research Scientist (Yale)






Robert Nichols

Former Postdoctoral Scholar, currently Scientist II at Revolution Medicines






Wei Niu

Former Postdoctoral Associate (Yale)






Ling Oei

Former Postdoctoral Scholar, currently Resident Internal Medicine in-training at IJsselland Ziekenhuis





Maeve O'Huallachain

Former Graduate Student, currently at Apprise Bio






Zhengqing Ouyang

Former Postdoctoral Scholar, current assistant professor at Jackson Lab for Genomic Medicine






Christina Pack

Former Administrative Assistant to Mike





Cuiping Pan

Former Research Associate, currently Research Business Development Manager at VA/PAVIR.

cuiping at stanford dot edu





Dorrelyn Patacsil

Former Research Assistant





Doug Phanstiel

Former Postdoctoral Scholar, currently Assistant Professor at UNC-Chapel Hill

dphansti at stanford dot edu


Alway M348



Stacy Piccirillo

Former Research Assistant (Yale)





Sorina Popescu

Former Postdoctoral Associate (Yale), currently Assistant Professor at Cornell





Irina Pozdnyakova

Former Postdoctoral Associate (Yale), currently at Karolinska Institute in Sweden



Debasish Raha

Former Research Scientist (Yale), currently at Genentech






Brian Reed

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D., Yale)






Dominique Scherer

Former Postdoctoral Scholar, currently in Germany






Wendy Soon

Former Postdoctoral Scholar, currently head of Sequencing Facility at the Genome Institute of Singapore.



Chong Shou

Former shared Graduate Student (Ph.D., Yale)






Shinichi Takahashi

Former Visiting Scholar, currently returning to Japan pharma industry.






Elias Theodorou

Former Graduate Student and Postdoctoral associate (Yale)






Hagen Tilgner

Former Postdoctoral Scholar, currently Assistant Professor at Weill Cornell Medical College






Larisa Umansky

Former Research Assistant (retired)





Alexander Urban

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D., Yale), currently assistant professor at Stanford University



Karl Waern

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D.), Currently in Sweden.






Zhong Wang

Former Postdoctoral Associate (Yale), currently Associate Ajunct Professor at UC Merced





Kevin Wise

Former Postdoctoral Associate (Yale), currently Professor at Trocaire College, NY



Jiaqian Wu

Former Postdoctoral Associate

currently assistant professor at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston





Linfeng Wu

Former Postdoctoral Scholar

currently at Caprion Proteomics





Dan Xie

Former Postdoctoral Scholar, currently PI at West China Center of Medical Sciences of Sichuan University





Youhan Xu

Former Research Associate (Yale), retired






Qiangfeng Cliff Zhang

Former Postdoctoral Fellow, currently PI at Tsinghua University






Zhixin Zhao

Former Postdoctoral Scholar, currently at Predicine.






Wei Zheng

Former Postdoctoral Associate (Yale), currently Investigator at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research




Mei Zhong

Former Associate Research Scientist (Yale), currently at Yale






Xiuqiong (Xiu) Zhou

Former Research Assistant (Yale)






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