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Postdoctoral Predoctoral

Natalie Jaeger, - 2016

Beijing Wu - 2017

Siddhartha Mitra, 2011-2015

Currently: Associate Director, Clinical Research at Gilead Sciences

O'Haullachai, Maeve (Yale & Stanford) 2008-2013

Currently: Postdoc, Research Scientist, Apprise Bio, CA

Carlos Araya 2011-2016

Currently: Co-founder and CEO at Jungla Inc.

Asabere, Akwasi (Yale & Stanford) 2007-2013

Currently: Clinical Partnerships and Business Development at Helix,Opco LLC, San Carlos CA

Hagen Tilgner, 2008-2016

Currently: Assistant Professor at Weill Cornell Medical College in NYC

Waern, Karl (Yale & Stanford) 2010-2014

Currently: Biotech Venture Capitalist, Sweden

Douglas Phanstiel, 2011-2016

Currently: Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina

Hardee, Jennifer, PhD(Yale & Stanford) 2006-2013

Currently: Currently: Senior Scientist, Labcyte, Sunnyvale, CA

Rui Chen, 2008-2014

Currently: Principal Scientist at Roche Sequencing

Reed, Brian, PhD (Yale) 2008-2010

Currently: Staff Scientists, Life Technoogies

Zhao, Z. 2008-2014

Currently: Stanford Advisor’s grant

Theodorou, Elias, PhD (Yale) 2002-2010

Currently: DNA 2.0 Research Scientist

Heidari, N. 2011-2014

Currently: Clinical Genomics Scientist in Invitae

Hartman, Stephen, PhD (Yale) 2001-2005

Currently: Scientist, PDL BioPharma, Fremont, CA

Ouyang, Z. 2010-2013

Currently: Assistant Professor, Jackson Labs

Seay, Montrell (joint with Dinesh-Kumar), PhD (Yale) 2000-2007
Currently: Postdoc., MCDB Dept., Yale University

Justin Cotney, 2008-2013
Assistant Professor at UConn Health

Ptacek, Jason, PhD (Yale) 2000-2006

Currently: Research Scientist, Bay Area Biotech Company

Seay, M. 2007-2009

Currently: Postdoc, Department of Genetics, Yale

Martone, Rebecca, PhD (Yale) 2000-2004

Currently: Staff Scientist, Roche, Branford, CT

Nagalakshmi, U. 2003-2008

Currently: Postdoc, MCDB, Yale

Horak, Christine, PhD (Yale) 1998-2003

Currently: Research Scientist, Bristol Meyers

Miriami, E. 2006-2009

Hanrahan, Jessie, PhD (Yale) 1997-2003

Currently: Medical Writer, Boston Scientific, MA

Bloom, J. 2007-2009

Currently: Medical Writer, Westport

Manning, Brendan PhD (Yale) 1997-2003

Currently: Tenured Associate Professor, Harvard School of Public Health

Ma, Z. 2009-2011

Currently: Researcher

Burns, Nancy, PhD (Yale) 1992-1998

Currently: Adjunct Prof., Quinnipiac College

Bruno, M. 2009-2015

Currently: Caligenics (StartX F15), Founder & CEO.
Senior Investigator, Molecular Medicine Research Institute.

Sharon, Donald (Yale & Stanford) 2007-2013

Currently: Postdoc, Stanford Advisor’s grant

Lu, J. 2003-2007

Currently: Faculty, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Lefrancois, Philippe (Yale) 2007-2012

Currently: Dermatology resident, McGill University

White, E. 2002-2005

Currently: Staff Scientist, US Genomics, MA

Heffelfinger, Christopher (Yale) 2007-2013

Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University

Smith, M. 2000-2008

Currently: Res. Scientist, Invitrogen, Branford, CT

Haraksingh, Rajini, PhD (Yale & Stanford) 2006-2012, Postdoc 2012-2013
Currently: Lecturer in Biotechnology, Dept. of Life Sciences, The University of the West Indies, Trinidad & Tobago


Soon, W. 2012-2013

Currently: Sequencing Manager, Genome Inst.Singapore

Charos, Aleksandra,PhD (Yale) 2003-2011

Currently: Postdoctoral Associate, Stanford University

Pan C, 2010-2013

Currently: Research Associate, Stanford University

Nath, Anjali, PhD (Yale) 2003-2007

Currently: Postdoc., Harvard School of Medicine

Mias, G. 2012-2013

Currently: Professor, Michigan State University

Devgan, Geeta, PhD (Yale) 2002-2006

Currently: Medical Advertiser, New York City

Li, X. 2007-2012

Currently: Researcher, Stanford

Urban, Alexander, PhD (Yale) 2001-2007

Currently: Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Scherer, D. 2010-2011

Currently: Postdoc, University of Heidelberg

Hall, David, PhD (Yale) 2000-2006

Currently: Investment Banker, PA

Wu, J. 2005-2011

Currently: Assistant Professor, Medical School, University of Texas

Rinn, John, PhD (Yale) 2000-2004

Currently: Assistant Professor, Pathology Department,
Harward University

Podznyakova, I. 2007-2009

Bertone, Paul, PhD (Yale) 1999-2005

Currently: Group Leader, EMBL-EBI, Cambridge, UK

Hong, M-Y. 2005-2009

Currently: Senior Researcher, Korea

Bidlingmaier, Scott, PhD (Yale) 1997-2003

Currently: Assist Professor, UC, San Francisco

Yellman, C. 2006-2009

Currently: Postdoc, MCDB, Yale

Parra, Macarena, PhD (Yale) 1997-1999

Currently: Research Scientist, CA

Barral, Y. (Yale) 1996-2009

Currently: Assoc. Professor, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,
Zurich, Switzerland

Sheu, Yi-Jun, PhD (Yale) 1994-2000

Currently: Postdoc., Lab. of Bruce Stillman,
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Gallagher, J. 2010-2013

Currently: Assistant Professor, University of West Virginia

Barrett, Jennifer, PhD (Yale) 1991-1998

Currently: Veterinarian, Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital, Lexington, KY

Hart, C. 2005-2006

Currently: Staff Scientist, NCBI


Chung, S. (Yale) 2003-2005


Gelperin, D. 2001-2007

Currently: Assoc.Res.Scientist Dept MCDB., Yale U.


Casamayer, A. (Yale) 1999-2004

Currently: Ramón y Cajal" Researcher, Dept. Bioquímica i Biologia Molecular, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


Vincent Bruno

Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Baltimore


Oei, L. 2012-2013

Currently: Postdoc, Netherlands


Kasowski, M. 2011-2014

Currently: Medical School


Boyle, A. 2010-2014

Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Michigan


Shi, M. 2008-2010

Currently: Unknown


Zheng, W. 2007-2009

Currently: Associate Research Scientist, Yale


Wise, K. 2004-2009


Im, H. 2006-2011

Currently: Senior Research Scientist / Genomics, Samsung 


Ni, L. (Yale) 1998-2002

Currently: Senior Curator, Jackson Labs, Bar Harbor, ME


Grubert, F. 2009-2011

Currently: Research Associate, Stanford University


Flanigan, A. 2009-2010

Currently: Research Associate, Stanford University


Mosari, L. 2003-2006

Currently: Regional Medical Specialist, Aspreva, CA


Jona, G. 2002-2005

Currently: Director, Proteomics Facility, Weizmann Institute


Euskirchen, G. (Yale) 1999-2004

Currently: Assoc.Res. ScientistDept MCDB, Yale U


Boyle, S. 2012-2014

Currently: Bioinformatics Analyst, Personalis


Lam, Hugo, 2010-2011
Current: Head of Bioinformatics Research & Early Development, Roche Sequencing Solutions


Fasolo, J. 2011-2012

Currently: Research Scientist, New Technology Assessment


Clark, M. 2010-2013
Currently: Staff Scientist, Personalis


Wu, L. 2007-2013



Smith, S. 2007-2009

Currently: Postdoc, Department of Genetics, Yale


Hong, M-Y. 2005-2009

Currently: Senior Researcher, Korea


Yellman, C. 2006-2009

Currently: Postdoc, MCDB, Yale


Wu, J. 2005-2011

Currently: Assistant Professor, Medical School,
University of Texas


Podznyakova, I. 2007-2009


Vidan, S. (Yale) 1999-2004

Currently: Manager of Technical Services, American Diagnostica Inc., Stamford, CT


Hariharan, M. 2009-2012

Currently: Researcher, Salk Institute


Kung, L-Y. 2003-2007

Currently: Res. Scientist, Helicos, Boston


Borneman, A. 2002-2006

Currently: Senior Researcher,Australian Wine Research Institute


Roychoudhury, M. (Yale) 2001-2004


Kumar, A. (Yale) 1998-2004

Currently: Assistant Professor, Life Sciences Institute, U. Michigan